Программа обучения Jurisprudence

Программа обучения "Jurisprudence" в Friedrich Schiller University Jena


Law is the science of law, i.e. the rules governing the coexistence of people in society. Jurisprudence is divided into the three areas of law civil law, public law and criminal law.

Общая Информация по Программе обучения "Jurisprudence"

  • Уровень: Госэкзамен
  • Диплом: Staatsexamen
  • Язык обучения: Немецкий
  • Начало обучения: Зимний семестр
    Летний семестр
  • Срок обучения: 10 семестров
  • Форма обучения: Полная
  • Стоимость: € 0 / Семестр
  • Семестровый взнос: € 266.10 / семестр
  • Правила приема: Без конкурса
  • Минимальный уровень немецкого: C1

Карьерные перспективы по завершению программы обучения "Jurisprudence"

In principle, a wide range of activities is available to you, as lawyers are needed not only as judges, public prosecutors or lawyers, but everywhere in administration and business. However, anyone who wants to go into civil service or become a notary will have to have above-average exams.

Международный обмен по программе обучения "Jurisprudence"

The Law and Language Program in English, French, Spanish, and Russian introduces both the legal languages and legal systems of the United States, England, France, Spain, and Russia. The optional program serves in particular to prepare for a study visit abroad.

Стажировки и практика в программе обучения "Jurisprudence"

This is followed by a two-year legal traineeship as a practical part of the training, which ends with the second state examination.

Учебный план программы обучения "Jurisprudence"

When studying law, students always have to memorize countless laws, right? A cliché that you hear quite often - and which we want to put to rest right away. Of course that's not true! At some point you will probably have some legal sources verbatim in your head after years of work, but what is much more important in your studies is understanding legal texts and, above all, being able to apply them. Because: Working as a lawyer means dealing with arguments and positions in a structured form. It is therefore important that you are interested in continually training your argumentation skills language skills and your analytical thinking. By the way: law books are permitted aids in exams.

You will learn how the German legal system and its jurisprudence work. In order to fully understand the legal matter, you need, above all, perseverance, interest and hard work. The focus of the course is on the three areas of civil law, public law and criminal law. Great importance is also placed on imparting qualifications relevant to the labor market.

In a state examination course, training and examinations are uniformly regulated by state or federal legislators.

The university law course (standard period of study: 10 semesters) consists of a basic and advanced course, which you finish with the first legal examination. You will then complete the legal preparatory service (“traineeship”) and, at the end, complete the second legal examination. The university is no longer responsible for this training phase, but rather the respective federal state where you complete the preparatory service.

  • Учебный план / модули: https://www.uni-jena.de/unijenamedia/studium/studienangebot/rewi-fak/grafik-jurastudium-examen.webp?height=338&width=600
  • Факультет

    Faculty of Law
    Friedrich Schiller University Jena

    The traditional law faculty of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena offers its currently approx. 2000 students the best study conditions. The faculty once again achieved a top position in the current 2017/18 CHE ranking. The faculty was rated particularly positively by its students in the categories of the courses offered, the studyability as well as the international and academic relevance. But the faculty was not only convincing in technical terms, the social climate as well as the supervision and support during the studies also contribute to the fact that the students feel comfortable in Jena.

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