Программа обучения Management, Leadership, Innovation

Программа обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation" в Koblenz University of Applied Science

Management, Führung, Innovation

Management, leadership, innovation is a business administration degree and is part of the economics degree. The bachelor's degree conveys general business knowledge and is supplemented by specific content such as innovation management and corporate management.

Общая Информация по Программе обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation"

  • Уровень: Бакалавриат
  • Диплом: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.);
  • Язык обучения: Немецкий
  • Начало обучения: Зимний семестр
    Летний семестр
  • Срок обучения: 6 семестров
  • Форма обучения: Полная
  • Учебные кредиты: 180 ECTS
  • Стоимость: € 0 / Семестр
  • Правила приема: На основе конкурса
  • Количество мест: 25
  • Минимальный уровень немецкого: C1

Описание программы обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation"

Management course with a future: Become an expert in corporate management and innovation

“Management” (M)

As a generalist, you learn to take a holistic view of processes and problems from business practice and to work on and solve business tasks independently in an interdisciplinary manner.

"Leadership” (F)

With the early integration of leadership topics in the undergraduate business administration course, we are doing justice to the trend of organizations and companies that are reducing hierarchies, leading virtually, cooperatively and value-oriented and delegating responsibility at an early stage.

"Innovation" (I)

Organizations and companies today have to constantly change and renew themselves. We teach you attitudes and tools that enable you to bring in new ideas, think outside the box and think innovatively. Your international and extracurricular experiences during your studies will help you.

Карьерные перспективы по завершению программы обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation"

Basically, the Management, Leadership, Innovation" degree qualifies you for all professions in which business economists with general training are in demand.
The bachelor's degree is the first professional academic degree.

The aim of the training is for graduates to be able to take on technical and managerial tasks in lower and middle management. Due to the general business administration training, they are often employed in cross-divisional functions within the company. This includes, among other things, the management of customers, products or projects.
Job titles can be, for example:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Account manager

Due to the entrepreneurial parts of the course, the following job profiles are also possible:

  • Founder
  • First hour employee of a start-up

This requires planning, decision-making, enforcement and control competencies that correspond to the management process of every company.
The skills and abilities imparted in the course enable the graduates to work in the company in a factual and practical way as well as to analyze and solve problems.

All-rounders are trained, who can take on the necessary commercial and administrative work under the special requirements of global change and digitization and meet the high requirements that arise from dealing with customers and employees.

Международный обмен по программе обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation"

A clear focus of the course is on the internationalization of the students and the practical orientation.
An obligatory phase abroadof at least 26 weeks is provided for in the examination regulations. This can be as

  • Study semester abroad at a foreign university
  • Internship abroad.

Стажировки и практика в программе обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation"

The practical relevance is at the forefront of the university degree. Lectures and seminars therefore focus on a practical conveying of the learning content with real application examples.
National/regional and global practice cooperation for practice-related theses with future employers.

The practical project is completed in the form of a project study with real tasks from everyday business life, among other things at cooperation companies of the university.

Учебный план программы обучения "Management, Leadership, Innovation"

Building on the basic modules of Business Administration, you will gain an understanding of e.g. B. about the control and optimization of processes in the company, about organizational psychology and intercultural leadership. You will also receive leadership and communication training.

The standard period of study for the Management, Leadership, Innovation degree is 6 semesters (3 years). The course concludes with a thesis and a colloquium.

In the "Management, Leadership, Innovation" course, business economists are trained who, thanks to their competence, are able to independently work on and solve business management tasks in an interdisciplinary manner. As generalists, they learn to look at problems holistically.

The trend in organisations/ companies to reduce hierarchies, to lead and communicate virtually and cooperatively and to delegate responsibility early on, speaks for the early integration of management and innovation topics in the undergraduate business administration degree.

It also applies to medium-sized companies that a generation of entrepreneurs is growing up that does not lead in an authoritarian manner, but demands responsible and value-oriented employees, coordinates them flexibly and project-specifically, but also inspires and motivates new ways of thinking.

The bachelor's program is intended to enable students to analyze processes and problems in business practice, to develop practical solutions to problems and to take international and extra-disciplinary references into account. The international nature of the content is ensured by obligatory courses in business English, English-language literature, an obligatory phase abroad and events with an international focus.

In the area of ​​advanced modules, the course is geared towards the needs of companies in changing markets. In addition to technical knowledge, these are above all a high degree of flexibility and adaptability as well as soft skills and foreign language skills. Graduates can use their knowledge and skills in all companies, from their own start-up, regional medium-sized companies to global players.

  • Учебный план / модули: https://www.hs-koblenz.de/wiso/management-fuehrung-innovation-bachelor-of-arts/studienaufbau
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    At the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, you can study business administration bachelor's and master's degree courses in the presence area as well as part-time in the MBA distance learning program.

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