Программа обучения Architecture and Urban Planning

Программа обучения "Architecture and Urban Planning" в University of Stuttgart

Architektur und Stadtplanung

Architecture and urban planning are the most public of all arts - you cannot avoid the built environment. Architects and urban planners are responsible for the beauty and diversity of our built environment. Its task is to create a future worth living in by preserving and improving urban spaces and landscapes. In doing so, they react to constant change and develop ideas for the world of tomorrow. The course is accordingly widely diversified: design and construction, urban development and planning, representation and design as well as building technology, historical, theoretical, social and economic fundamentals are central topics.

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  • Уровень: Бакалавриат
  • Диплом: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Язык обучения: Немецкий
  • Начало обучения: Зимний семестр
  • Срок обучения: 6 семестров
  • Форма обучения: Полная
  • Учебные кредиты: 180 ECTS
  • Стоимость: € 0 / Семестр
  • Семестровый взнос: € 188.40 / семестр
  • Правила приема: На основе конкурса
  • Минимальный уровень немецкого: C1

Карьерные перспективы по завершению программы обучения "Architecture and Urban Planning"

Completing your architecture studies with a Master meets the requirements for admission to the chambers of architects. Most of our graduates actually work as architects and/or urban planners. But architecturally-related fields of activity are also open to graduates, such as building biology, building research, construction management, building climate, building law/damage expertise, building experts, monument preservation, CAD specialization, design, color design, building technology, cost/state -/Lighting planning, planning methodology, project management/control, environmental planning, architectural photography.

Международный обмен по программе обучения "Architecture and Urban Planning"

The prospects in the professional field of architecture and urban planning are increasingly being shaped by evidence of international and intercultural competence. At the same time, the international job market offers new opportunities, especially for career starters. Both require a high degree of flexibility and exposure to other contexts in addition to specialist knowledge. In order to meet this need, the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning offers the unique opportunity to acquire international skills alongside the bachelor's degree: Students have the opportunity to choose the Bachelor [international+] as a voluntary additional qualification . This additional qualification includes a semester abroad and participation in a design project in an international context, including a specialist excursion and a workshop in collaboration with local partners.

Учебный план программы обучения "Architecture and Urban Planning"

The courses in the first semesters impart the spectrum of artistic, technical, historical and social knowledge necessary for architects. This is where the content and methodological foundations for further studies are laid. Teaching takes place in lectures with accompanying exercises as well as design and project work. Each semester a different thematic focus is set: Gestalt > space > city > Technology

In the final semesters, you can put together an individual study plan from a wide range of lectures, seminars, impromptu drafts, design and project work and excursions that correspond to your inclinations and interests.

  • Учебный план / модули: https://www.uni-stuttgart.de/studium/studienangebot_assets/architektur-und-stadtplanung/pdf/Studienverlaufsplan_PO2015.pdf
  • Факультет

    Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
    University of Stuttgart

    The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart has developed into an excellent educational institution of European standing in recent decades. This leading position is constantly being expanded through a close connection between research and teaching and future-oriented appointments. The faculty uses the discourse on the design of the bachelor's/master's courses to make a constructive contribution to the further development of the professional profile and the social significance of architecture and urban planning from a European perspective.

    Методика оценки заявок

    Architecture and Urban Planning B.Sc. is restricted (NC). The study places are allocated based on the university selection process according to the following criteria. You must upload the evidence to the campus management portal C@MPUS during the application process:

    School selection criteria:
    The sum of the points achieved in the Abitur certificate is divided: for Abitur certificates with a maximum possible score of 900 points, it is divided by 60, for Abitur certificates with a maximum possible score of 840 points, it is divided by 56 (maximum 15 points).

    Other selection criteria (maximum 15 points):
    Please refer to the admission regulations for the exact weighting of the individual criteria.

    • Letter of motivation: Short explanation (max. 1 DIN A4 page), typed, why you want to study architecture and urban planning
    • CV: Extracurricular involvement, relevant internship, completed vocational training or previous vocational training relevant to the course of study (even without completed vocational training) listed in the form of a tabular CV (DIN A4) with the relevant evidence
    • Digital folder / digital portfolio (PDF format with max. 10 MB): in the form of photos, drawings or photocopies of work or activities that provide information about skills and abilities, suitability for the course of study and possible Evidence of previous engagement with the subject and the current topic (e.g. this could be an artistic work from the art class, or sketches/drawings that were made on your last trip, etc.). The length is up to you; portfolios usually consist of 5-10 pages. The topic for the application for the winter semester 2023/24 is: “burdensome and easy”.

    Please note your name on all documents and upload all application documents including your digital portfolio to the campus management system C@MPUS.

    The scores from the academic and other criteria are added in a ratio of 2 to 2 (maximum 60 points). A ranking is created based on the number of points.

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