Программа обучения Civil Engineering

Программа обучения "Civil Engineering" в RWTH Aachen University


Did you acquire in-depth practical engineering expertise in the Bachelor’s program? Would you like to specialize, work independently or assume a management or leadership position in a larger company or in your own construction company? The four-semester Master’s program in civil engineering will prepare you for the complex demands of challenging construction, planning and infrastructure projects. With its eight program concentrations you can expand your expertise in many areas of civil engineering. The Master’s program promotes independent work and teaches methods of scientific problem solving. You learn to develop, plan and realize technical projects as a whole and with a view to economical, ecological and legal aspects.

Общая Информация по Программе обучения "Civil Engineering"

  • Уровень: Магистратура
  • Диплом: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Язык обучения: НемецкийАнглийский
  • Начало обучения: Зимний семестр
    Летний семестр
  • Срок обучения: 4 семестров
  • Форма обучения: Полная
  • Учебные кредиты: 120 ECTS
  • Стоимость: € 0 / Семестр
  • Семестровый взнос: € 299.38 / семестр
  • Правила приема: Без конкурса
  • Минимальный уровень немецкого: C1
  • Минимальный уровень английского: B2

Карьерные перспективы по завершению программы обучения "Civil Engineering"

Civil engineers are active in planning, calculating, evaluating, executing and coordinating. With their competence profile, they have employment opportunities in many fields of application. Specialists who have been trained in Germany also have the best international opportunities. The multiperspectivity that civil engineers trained at RWTH Aachen have acquired not only makes them experts in the classic areas of construction, but also for interdisciplinary issues in the context of economic, legal, infrastructural and environmental problems.

Учебный план программы обучения "Civil Engineering"

The course consists of a compulsory, a compulsory elective and an elective area. The extensive range of elective modules allows professional combinations that correspond to personal interests and career prospects. Each field of study offers a wide range of opportunities to build up an individual subject profile. Not only extensive technical possibilities are offered. A free elective module makes it possible, for example, to get a taste of other courses offered by RWTH Aachen University and thus broaden your horizons beyond technical knowledge. These include courses in the field of business, language courses and IT applications. The module for useful professional supplements from study-related stays abroad improves the integration of stays abroad into studies at RWTH Aachen University.

In addition, a master's thesis must be prepared for the completion of the master's degree. This is a scientific project to be completed within six months. Processing in industry is also possible. The master's thesis is concluded with a presentation of the results in a lecture.

  • Учебный план / модули: https://www.fb3.rwth-aachen.de/cms/Bauingenieurwesen/Studium/Studiengaenge/Masterstudiengaenge/Text-M-Sc-Bau/~djgu/Studienverlauf/
  • Факультет

    Faculty of Civil Engineering
    RWTH Aachen University

    The Faculty of Civil Engineering, with 21 chairs and teaching and research areas, represents engineering tasks in both innovative and traditional areas. As a research-oriented institution, the faculty provides substantial solutions to tomorrow's global problems in the areas of construction, environment and infrastructure. This site is under construction at the moment. In the future, you will find out interesting facts about the history of our faculty, current data and facts as well as which cooperations we maintain and which goals we are pursuing.

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    Civil Engineering