Программа обучения Taxes and Auditing

Программа обучения "Taxes and Auditing" в Hochschule Niederrhein

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Would you like to acquire a bachelor's degree in Taxes and Auditing in a six-semester full-time course? Do you put the knowledge you acquired at the university into practice on your own initiative? Then the full-time course (BSW) is right for you.

Общая Информация по Программе обучения "Taxes and Auditing"

  • Уровень: Бакалавриат
  • Диплом: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.);
  • Язык обучения: Немецкий
  • Начало обучения: Зимний семестр
    Летний семестр
  • Срок обучения: 6 семестров
  • Форма обучения: ПолнаяДуальное обучение
  • Учебные кредиты: 180 ECTS
  • Стоимость: € 0 / Семестр
  • Семестровый взнос: € 314.38 / семестр
  • Hochshulstart: Требуется предварительная регистрация
  • Правила приема: На основе конкурса
  • Минимальный уровень немецкого: C1

Ожидаемые результаты программы обучения "Taxes and Auditing"

The Taxes and Auditing (B.A.) program aims to enable graduates to competently take on tasks in the field of auditing and tax advisory in the liberal professions, in companies, but also in associations and public institutions.

The guiding principle is the initial ability and qualification to perform tasks at management level, before passing the relevant professional exams. The course provides the basics necessary for professional practice.

Graduates can successfully implement scientific knowledge and problem-solving concepts in operational practice. You will learn to analyze economic and legal issues and to subsume legal norms on them. Great importance is attached to learning the skills of legal subsumption, as this is an important basis for later successful work.

During your studies, you will develop the ability to make judgments and the ability to critically reflect on science and professional practice, and will be able to classify the issues in overarching contexts. The skills for independent further education are taught, as they represent an important prerequisite for later professional practice.

Учебный план программы обучения "Taxes and Auditing"

In the Bachelor program, students

  • the basic business knowledge (business administration core area)
  • the professional field-specific subject areas: tax, auditing, law
  • the necessary key qualifications (mathematics, statistics, business English, rhetoric, presentation technique, negotiation, project management),

conveyed. In the fifth semester, students take part in a practical phase. This gives you an insight into work situations in future everyday working life and enables you to put the knowledge you have gained in theoretical training to the test. At the end of the bachelor program, the bachelor thesis has to be written and represented in a colloquium. The program (see figure below) is modular, with each module ending with a performance test.

  • Учебный план / модули: https://www.hs-niederrhein.de/fileadmin/dateien/FB08/Studium/BSW/Bilder/BSW_Studienverlauf.png
  • Факультет

    Faculty Business Administration and Economics
    Hochschule Niederrhein

    We are located in Moenchengladbach, which is also called the green city on the Lower Rhine. With about 3,200 students the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics is the largest faculty at Niederrhein University.

    45 professors, one senior teacher and 5 teachers for special tasks are currently staff members of our faculty. Above that, more than 60 contract lecturers from business and industry are deployed in teaching.

    In addition, the faculty employs 14 scientific and non-scientific staff, and at the research centres there are 15 people plus two doctoral candidates engaged.

    We offer application-oriented fulltime and extra-occupational study programs on the basis of both topical scientific findings and requirements relevant to business. We value and focus on activity-oriented teaching and project work in collaboration with the business sector and thus ensure a practice-oriented university education. Moreover, we also offer a constant exchange to our students and lecturers through national and international co-operations.

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