Anhalt University of Applied Science

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Anhalt University of Applied Science

Hochschule Anhalt (Bernburg, Dessau und Köthen) (HS Anhalt)

Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt

Anhalt University’s clear approach is convincing because it consistently brings together science and innovation. In Bernburg, Dessau, and Köthen, we provide innovative research and teaching at an international level. In addition, we offer a high quality of life and studies for nearly 8,000 students, 2,000 of whom contribute to the University’s international flair. The Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in seven departments have one thing in common - besides teaching expert knowledge, they prepare students for a successful start to their career.

More details about Anhalt University of Applied Science:

Each subject at Anhalt University was developed for the practice, and education is carried out at a high level. Project work from the practice and practical final theses are standard. Student ideas are tested directly in terms of their practical applicability. New forms of teaching and e-learning, small study groups, outstanding research, and first-class contacts offer ideal conditions for a good start to a career in Germany or abroad.

Useful information about Anhalt University of Applied Science:

General Information:
Type: State
Foundetion Year: 1991
Total Students: 4761

Cost of education Anhalt University of Applied Science:

Type: State

Most study courses are free and students have to pay only small semester fee for general facilities and transport ticket.

Semester Ticket: 76 EUR
Semester Ticket Details and Payment Info:

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Выпусники школ (11 классов обучения) должны пройти предварительное обучение в Штудиенколлег земли Саксония-Анхальт в Кётене

Contacts Anhalt University of Applied Science:

  • Address Anhalt University of Applied Science:
    Hochschule Anhalt, International Office, Bernburger Straße 55, 06366 Köthen, Germany
  • Post address Anhalt University of Applied Science*:
    Postfach 1458, 06366 Köthen, Germany

    Special address for post delivery

  • Contact Information Anhalt University of Applied Science:

    Phone: +49 3496 67 5203
    Email: [email protected]

Address on map:

Application request Anhalt University of Applied Science:


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